Fighting with History’s Greats on Mageo

Napoleon, Muhammad Ali and Genghis Khan are just a few of the fighters you’ll face in Mageo.

The world’s greatest conquerors and commanders, championship boxers and martial artists, these are just some of the historical figures and celebrities you’ll meet as you make your daily rounds in the Mageo world. Fighting or engaging with these special NPCs (non-player characters) offers true excitement and adventure, and a great opportunity to win valuable tools, accessories and items of clothing.

The world of Mageo closely mirrors the real world, and each country is represented virtually and populated with location-specific, historical and celebrity NPCs. You may not run into one right away, but be patient, the more you play and establish a routine the more likely you are to encounter them. Interacting with celeb NPCs is one of the many activities in Mageo that are guaranteed to help you accumulate superior wealth and advance up our leaderboards.

One tip: your chances of meeting a celeb NPC are slightly higher when you play minigames in an art gallery or anywhere on a nexus. Just select “Combat encounter,” “Civil encounter” or “Encounter” at these locations. Also, be sure to read that person’s biographical information, which is linked to their wikipedia pages and offers a fun learning experience.

Historic fighters come in many shapes and sizes, and there are hundreds of them strategically placed throughout the virtual countries of Mageo. Some of them are on the more obscure (but no less important) side, like Musashi, the 17th-century Japanese swordsman, philosopher and strategist. Others, we all know from our school history books, great conquerors like Hannibal, Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan.

Make sure you have a full arsenal of action points (100 is the max) before you take on a celebrity NPC. These are valuable opportunities to win some really special items, and having maximum action points ensures that you’ll be able to afford to recharge (by hitting the button with the lightning symbol when it appears) and continue the minigame until you have the best chance of success. Should you encounter one of these famous fighters and find yourself low on action points, go to any nearby tavern, bar or pub and top up by buying and consuming refreshments or food.

Bruce Lee is always ready for any and all challengers.

Ordinarily, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to challenge Bruce Lee to a kung-fu duel, but in Mageo you need not worry about being injured in such encounters. We were able to get away unharmed, and even managed to win his “Kung-fu fighter sweatpants” (see above), which gave us 13,200 wealth points and a healthy boost on the leaderboards.

Similarly, we met with Joan of Arc (below) and were invited to Defend France from English domination. By successfully completing that mission with the 15th-century French heroine, we were awarded with her “Brave christian’s armour,” an extremely unique and valuable item worth 32,400 points.

Help Joan of Arc defend her country and win her armour.

Be sure and share these historic encounters and items when you win them, as your friends will be interested to know what you’ve discovered, and sharing always adds points to your social wealth. These items will also immediately be available in your wardrobe, and can be worn on your own avatar and shared.

Most of these items are available for sale and can be purchased at department stores throughout Mageo, but it’s definitely more fun and considerably cheaper to win them off a celebrity. Also, keep in mind, should you encounter a celebrity more than once, you can win different items from them with each successful minigame.

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