Meet Teresa: Mageo’s Community Gardener

Hello, my name is Teresa! I’m a social worker who founded the community garden in my neighborhood. We basically started from scratch with a single, small plot of land. It took off really quick, and we have expanded our now-thriving operation to several spots around the ‘hood. The garden has brought a lot of local people together in a healthy activity that’s already built lifelong bonds and immensely enriched all of our lives. One of my friends from the garden sent me an email invite to join Mageo, and I signed up right away. I’m so glad I did, and wanted to relate some of my experiences here.

The first thing we did was start a private group on Mageo to chronicle all of the garden’s activities in one place online. It’s basically a multimedia blog that any of our members can view to see what’s going on during the week. We post work schedules, progress shots on all of the various crops and flowers in different stages of growth, fun videos of us working and socializing in the garden, weather reports, and of course harvesting news, so everyone can come pick up their share of the bounty.

It’s also convenient that Mageo has a cool direct messaging system that makes it easy to keep track of all of our correspondence between members. I actually prefer it to regular text messaging because it’s easy to find old messages and integrates nicely with our group’s feed, with everything in one place. I also appreciate their phone app, which is very stable and reliable. It’s also seamless, so if I come home and sign on using any browser on my desktop, it takes me to exactly the place where I left off, whether it be in the game or on our group page.

And speaking of the game. I’ve never been much of a gamer, but the more I played, the more I began to see it as a Zen exercise that I can tap into at various points of my day without taking up too much of my time. The game is retro, not a lot of action or shooting, but a well-designed exercise in wealth building and cultivating an online community, elements that I can really relate to and haven’t really found in any other social media platform.

Travel to any country in the world and discover the many delights there.

In Mageo you can actually own the virtual space around you. One of the first things I did was log on at the garden (with my app and location services turned on), which allowed me to colonize the virgin island that uses GPS to locate our virtual space. Once I did that, I began to post some of the same content from our group there so that everybody in the world can discover us and see what we’re up to at the garden.

Gardening is not one of the nine job disciplines that you can pursue to build your wealth in the game, but cooking is. I’m also a serious foodie (i love growing organic ingredients, after all) and it’s really fun to travel to any virtual country in the world and explore all of the interesting dishes there. You can also meet historical celebrities in every country and even win the clothes right off their backs in minigames.

My friends and I are big fans of Mageo’s avatar builder. You start off with only a few basic items, but after a few weeks of playing I had accumulated a serious inventory of clothes and accessories. We really like dressing up and sharing our latest outfits, adding facial moods, different hair styles, burning energies, and including favorite pets.

We also like to send each other gifts. And the fact that we can swap clothes and I can send my besties a nice virtual bouquet of flowers is a big bonus. Overall, Mageo is a perfect fit for me. I’m enjoying watching the growth of my social presence and game wealth (all of which contribute to your position on their leaderboards, btw). It’s almost as thrilling as watching our garden grow and reaping and sharing the harvests with our community.

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