Meet the Celebrities of Mageo

3 min readNov 19, 2020


John Lennon and Cleopatra are just two of the celebrities you’ll encounter on Mageo.

You will occasionally encounter historical figures and celebrity NPCs (non-player characters) in Mageo as you explore the vast stretch of countries and islands that make up our exciting and ever-growing virtual world.

These meetings are not just a great opportunity to learn about history and the culture of the world’s various countries by reading their biographies. They also offer an exceptional chance to build wealth and climb our leaderboards. Play a minigame against celebrities when you cross paths, and you can win very valuable items of clothing right off their backs.

You’re just as likely to run into a celeb in one of Mageo’s art galleries as you are in a park or cathedral. Wherever you go, be on the lookout for someone famous. As you explore different parts of an island, just select “Civil encounter” “Combat encounter” or “Encounter” at different locations, and play enough of those minigames and you will eventually bump into a celebrity.

When you do meet one, be sure that you have a full bank (100 action points) or close to it before starting the minigame. That way, you’ll be able to recharge your energies in the minigame if you haven’t advanced enough green in the red inner ring to succeed. In that case, you’ll see a button with a thunderbolt if you have enough action points (left image, above) to pay for a recharge.

Click that button to keep going and improve your chances. Otherwise, the other option here would be to click the center circle to end the game and see how you did. If you are low on action points, just drop by any local tavern, bar or pub, before starting the minigame and top up by buying and consuming refreshments or food.

As you can see in the reward box (left, bottom) we recently ran into John Lennon in a local art gallery and were able to win that Beatles’ white turtleneck, worth 17,900 wealth points, which is quite a valuable item and a major boost to any user’s overall wealth. Share these items when you win them to accrue social points, which also contribute to your position on our leaderboards. Items go directly into your inventory, but they can be immediately worn by your avatar and shown off to all your friends.

Keep in mind, should you happen to run into the same celeb more than once, you can win additional pieces of clothing from that NPC after an initial successful encounter. You can also win clothing from our regular, non-celeb NPCs, but the famous people definitely have the most valuable and treasured fashion items.

There’s no telling who you might meet in Mageo. And winning and wearing famous people’s clothes makes it that much more fun, not to mention lucrative!

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